Welcome to Sparky's Advent Calendar

This is something I wanted to do for a loooong time - and two years ago, with the help of Merrilee, I was finally able to put my first Advent Calendar online.

Fortunately Merrilee offered her help again, so this year we're proudly presenting the Third Edition!

"What is this Calendar exactly?" I can hear you ask *grin*... Well, it's simple...
When you've finished reading (no, not yet, read it all please!) you can click "Calendar 2006" in the menu on the left - and you'll be taken to a picture of Santa that I found on numerous websites, available for downloading. On there are #s 1-24, one for each day in December, until Christmas.
Each day, from December 1, a link will open and you'll find a free graphic, which you can use as a sigtag, for decorating your Christmas pages or you can print it out.

If you decide to use it online, please link it back to:

Please don't alter the graphics in any way (that includes adding text!), and don't pass it around. If people want to get their free graphic, just point them in this direction, so they can download it themselves. :)

Both Merrilee and I have been working hard to create these graphics and we're more than willing to share, but please respect our rights.

Don't forget to visit each day in December!!

Wishing you the most wonderful Holiday Season
and I hope to see you again next year!