A Christmas Card For Santa
by Bobby Katz

We all hung up our stockings,
and we left you a nice snack.
By now, I guess, dear Santa,
you have filled your heavy pack.
Your reindeer must be ready
to take you for a ride.
Do you have both your mittens?
It's very cold outside.
Be careful, please, dear Santa,
on the rooftops where you go.
They're slanty and they're slippery
with a crust of ice and snow.
I guess I should be tired,
but I cannot fall asleep.
Tonight I'll count some reindeer
Instead of counting sheep.
I think you are the nicest man
To do the things you do.
Merry Christmas, Santa dear,
And a happy New Year too!

Thank you, Donna!Thank you, Suzanne!

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