How Far Is It?

How far is it till Christmas?
It's across the Land of Dreams
Where the laughing valleys are,
And the ever-singing streams,
And up the hill of doubting
And along the road of smiles
Until you reach the border
Of the land of otherwhiles.

It's far away, and near us;
It is there, and close at hand--
Oh earnest little fellow,
Can I make you understand?
You lie awake and whisper,
You count and count the days
And try to bring it nearer
In a hundred varied ways!

Already you have seen it
In a gleam of joy afar,
Have you seen its joy approaching
In the twinkle of a star;
You hear the bells that jingle
And the clatter of the hoofs
That beat a song of gladness
As they gallop on the roofs.

How far is it till Christmas?
It's not so far away--
For all I know already
You have and hold the day;
It has no time nor season;
It is not set apart,
But sends its blessed sunshine
To every little heart.

~ Wilbur D. Nesbit

Thank you, Olli!

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