Farmerís omelet


6 eggs
2 peeled small potatoes
100 grams bacon
50 grams ham
1 tbsp pearl or cocktail onions
salt and pepper
1 tomato


Boil the potatoes for about 15 minutes in salted water.
Let them cool off, slice the potatoes, and dice the bacon.
Heat a teaspoon of butter and fry the bacon till golden brown.
Sautee the onions or scallions with the bacon and add the potato slices.
Put a lid on the pan, turn down the heat and fry the potatoes for three minutes each side; add more butter if needed.
Chop parsley, chervil, and chives, dice the ham and pearl onions and mix all that carefully with the potato/bacon/onion.
Beat the eggs and add salt and pepper and pour into the pan.
Cook the omelet on one side only, slide onto a dish and garnish with sliced tomatoes and parsley.

Alternative: substitute veal and pork with beef, shrimps, fish, or your choice of vegetables. When substituting eggs or cheese, use milk instead of stock and omit the boiling, the bouquet garni but add bacon bits instead.

The word omelet comes from the French omelette, which originally was spelled lamelette. This word originates in Latin, where lamella was the diminutive of lamina, meaning plate or sheet and thus used to indicate the form of the egg dish.

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