(Dutch Stew)


600 gr. stewing beef
3 large onions
75 gr. butter or margarine
1 bay leaf (big)
2 cloves
1 tsp sugar
splash of vinegar
half litre beef stock
salt, pepper
2 tbsps cornflour (US: Corn Starch)


Cut the beef in large cubes and chop the onions (not too finely).
Fry the meat in butter, when browned, add onions, then add bayleaf,
cloves, sugar, vinegar, stock and salt and pepper.
Stew for 2,5 - 3 hours. Discard bay leaf and cloves.
Mix cornflour with 2 tbsps water and bind the "hachee" with it.

Serve with boiled potatoes and (optional) braised red cabbage.


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