Stroopwafels are Sirup Waffles. I love them! Especially when they're still warm :)
I've sent some to my American friends and they are addicted, lol! I don't know if they are for sale worldwide (if they are, it will probably be a different recipe and therefore not as yummy as the real Dutch thing).

Generous as I am *grin* I want to share the wonderful taste of Dutch stroopwafels with you all,
so here's my recipe.

Gift from Luciana

The two part secret of these waffles.

The first part of the secret is, you only can make these while still warm.
The other part lies in the ingredients of the filling.

500 gr Flour
250 gr melted sugar
150 gr brown sugar
50 gr yeast
some (1-2 tablespoons) warm milk
1 egg.

Mix these ingredients together with your hands untill a dough is formed. Let it rise for 45 minutes (room temperature). Knead the dough again with your hands, and form balls out of the dough in the size of a marble.

Make the filling:
500 gr syrup
300 gr brown sugar
75 gr butter
a teaspoon cinnamon.

Make the syrup warm and mix the other ingredients in the syrup. Put a ball in a waffle-iron and bake the waffle golden on both sides. Get the waffle out with a knife, and slice the waffle horizontally while it's still warm. If you'll wait too long, the waffle will break. Put the syrup on one half of the waffle and put the other half on top of it.

If this sounds like too much work, but you're still anxious to find out what they taste like....
Good news! You can order them online!

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