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Welcome to my Sound of Music dedication page.

By no means is this meant as a page full of information and updates about one of the greatest movies in history :) It's merely a token of my appreciation.

Where to start? I have no idea how old I was when I saw The Sound of Music for the first time. I only remember that it made a huge impression. I loved (and still love) the songs and the story. The fact that it all happened for real makes it even more special.

I often wondered what happened to the actors that played the Von Trapp children.
Here's what I found:

Liesl - Charmian Carr has limited her screen appearances, focusing instead on a career in interior designing. She now lives in California, and has two daughters and a granddaughter.
Friedrich - Nicholas Hammond played Spiderman in the original tv series. He now lives in Australia where he writes and directs in the theatre.
Louisa - Heather Menzies worked in sitcoms and on Broadway and was married to the late actor Robert Urich. Heather lives in Los Angeles with her three children. She works with the Urich Fund for Sarcoma Research at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Kurt - Duane Chase is a petroleum geologist in Seattle. His wife was once an Austrian nanny.
Brigitta - Angela Cartwright was a child star who, aged four, played Paul Newman's daughter in Somebody Up There Likes Me. She played Penny Robinson in the TV sci-fi series Lost in Space. Now concentrates on her online business, is married and has two kids.
Marta - Debbie Turner now runs a collectible Santa Clause and Floral Design business. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and four daughters.
Gretl - Kym Karath had parts in The Brady Bunch and All My Children, then studied art history in Paris. She has one son and is currently reviving her acting career

While surfing the net for information, I found some sites that I want to
share with you

Julie Andrews Tribute
The Sound of Music Guide
Sound of Music Interactive
Trapp Family Online Museum

Sparky's Place

The beautiful graphic of Maria was a gift from Betty Jo (no longer online).
I was speechless when I saw it for the first time... and I still am!
I can only say: Thank you so much, Betty Jo!!
Backgrounds by me, a part of BJ's graphic is used -with permission- for the bodybackground.

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