This is MY spot in London.
Standing on Trafalgar Square, looking out to Whithall,
in the distance you can see the Big Ben.
Every time I'm in London I just have to go here.

An escalator in one of the Underground Stations.
Their height still amazes me :)

London has several huge parks.
When you walk through them you forget you're in a city. You can't hear traffic noise, just the birds and you... oh and some tourists of course.
Just before I went to London in October I asked my "sis" Amy if I could buy her something there, she screamed:
LOL, well - I had to search hard, but I found one in Hyde Park.
Amy: your rock was found here (points to pic above)
Hyde Park - Just next to Hyde Park Corner Tubestation :)

Harrods, Souvenir Department in Christmas atmosphere. I had to take this pic really quick, as it's prohibited to take pics inside Harrods.
And - no - I didn't buy anything! (Well, not at this department) *grin*

This is one of the shopwindows of Harrods. I always buy some Christmas ornaments there (eventhough the prices are ridiculous!!). This year I bought - among others - the one with the Union Jack (Flag of the UK)