Meet Our Cats

The cats live in a house in a small village near Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.
Fortunately they allow us to live there too.
As any cat lover will be able to tell you, you don't owe cats... they owe you! Unlike dogs they hardly ever listen to you. Oh, perhaps they'll listen - with that indescribable look in their eyes - but they'll do exactly as they please. You can ask, beg, demand, but a cat is doing exactly what he or she wants.
That's what I like!

From one of 'our' litters we kept Pruffy, a really cute mystery breed cat. She's a calico, born on April 13th 2002, in our shed, together with her brother Schumi (the red one, named after Michael Schumacher the F1-driver) and 3 grey sisters (named Bella, Scar and Bono).
The owners of Scar and Bono obviously expected their kittens to be a boy, but decided not to change the names after we found out they were girls :)


We lost several cats over the years - unfortunately pets don't get as old as humans do and it's hard to say goodbye when their time has come to cross the rainbow bridge. I often wondered if we should get a new pet. But as sad as each farewell is, it doesn't outweigh the love and happiness they give us during their lives.

A few years after Pruffy entered our family we adopted two sisters from the animal shelter. Not sure if they are real sisters, but they were found together and could only be adopted together. No problem!

As a litter is something special we have lots of pics from Pruffy's early days.
If you want to see them, just click the links below and enjoy!

Thank you, Charley!



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