Oh, I love December. The cold outside, the warm cosy livingroom, family-gatherings and the feeling of "belonging together".

I'm counting the days until Christmas. It won't be long before the Christmas cards will start to arrive. I always put them up on my livingroom door. Just a few at first, but soon the whole door is filled with wishes for Christmas and the new year sent by family and friends from all over the world.

Around Christmas I appreciate all that I have in my life even more.
My health, a wonderful family and - last but by no means least - great friends.
Whether near or far, I know I can count on them in good times, but certainly in bad times. I'm not naming names, you know who you are, but I thank you for your love and support and the ability to make me laugh. Here's a toast: To Long Lasting Friendships!

From our house to your house, where ever you are,
a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014!

Love and hugs,

Antoinette (aka Sparky)
and Rink, Manon & Sabine

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