Adoptions... what can I say? I'm addicted to them, and proud of it! :)

For your convenience - and mine - I've made a few categories.
Just click at whatever you want to see.
If you would like to put one of the adoptions at your site, just click the logo
provided at each adoption and that will take you to the site where I've adopted them from.

Thank you ladies, for sharing these wonderful adoptions! (Hugs)

** NOTE **
At the last update I checked ALL the links on the certificates.
Unfortunately many links were dead. I spent many hours searching for new urls
and I did manage to find some of them.
If you see a broken link and know of a new url, please let me know!
Thanks in advance :)

Cats Adoptions Chocolate Adoptions
For My Daughters
Castle full of adoptions (down for maintenance)
Bibben's Curly Dolls
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Cosmic Handmade
Tuscan Women Series
Special Adoptions (Gifts)
Friends Adoptions **
Personal Adoptions
Things that apply to me or my family
Rose Doll Collection
Princess Petal Collection

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Thank you, Carol!Thank you, Ginger!

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