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~Rose's Walking Suit~

Rose looks stunning in her walking suit as she boards the Titanic.
Her suit is made of a white twill fabric striped with dark violet pin-stripes.
The jacket extends beyond the hips and the skirt is narrow,
which was a very fashionable silhouette during the pre-WW1 years.
The lapel, cuffs, belt, and buttons are of a fine royal purple satin.
The large brimmed hat is made of Milan straw with a double bow of striped capeline.
The shirt's collar is edged with a drop-balls or pearls.
Rose completes the ensemble with a narrow tie with a round shaped pin used like a tie tack.
She carries a matching parasol to complete the outfit.

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~Rose's Tea Dress~

Rose looks like a breath of spring as she awaits lunch on the Palm Court Verandah.
Her tea dress is the latest style from Paris.
The under dress is made of bronze green medium weight smooth silk.
A half a dozen layers of wide heavily embroidered lace netting encircle the skirt portion
of the dress. Two different sheer lace fabrics make up the bodice and sleeves.
The sash that circles Rose's tiny waist is made up of
pleated heavy red velvet with a black edge trim.
The cumberbund cinches in the back with a hook and eye closure.
The finishing touch is a large silk rose at her waist.
Later Rose looked so beautiful strolling on the deck,
that Jack couldn't take his eyes off of her.

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~Rose's Jump Dress~

Rose looked exquisite in her red satin evening gown.
The empire waist dress had a two tiered skirt.
The red dress had a black net overlay that flowed into a square backed train. The overdress was adorned with hundreds of shimmering jet black beads on the bodice as well as the medallions on the lower part of the skirt.
The hemline of the skirt tiers had a black drop bead fringe.
Rose wore matching red shoes with beaded decorations.
Jack heard the rustle of the beads and the click of heals as Rose ran on the deck of the Titanic.

Movie scene fact: Jack claims to have gone ice-fishing on Lake Wissota, which wasn't created until five years after the Titanic sank.

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~Rose's Dressing Gown~

Rose sat at her dressing table brushing her long red hair when Cal came with a gift. Rose looked beautiful in her ivory lace robe.
Rose's dressing gown has a empire waist that was popular in 1912. The v shaped neckline is edged with flounce lace. It ties in the front with a two inch wide matching ribbon. The robe opens down the center ending in a train of brussles lace on the floor. This skirt of the robe is covered with layers and layers of lace and dainty pin tucks.
The chemise or under gown has a scouped neckline that is drawn with a 1/4 inch ribbon along the lace edge. The bodice is covered with embroidery.
The white diamonds and deep blue color of the Heart of the Ocean necklace sparkled against Rose's creamy white skin.

Movie scene fact: The "Millionaire Suites" that Cal, Rose and Ruth had, were actual rooms on board the RMS Titanic. They were originally commissioned for Mr. J.P. Morgan who fell ill at the last moment and did not go. They were then given to Mr. J. Bruce Ismay, the manager of the White Star Line.

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