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Made by me :)

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All about me

1. I was born February 10, 1958
2. I live in The Netherlands
3. My hometown is Leiden, a beautiful city full of history
4. I'm married to Rink since August 16, 1993
5. We have two daughters, Manon (March 6, 1995) and Sabine (May 17, 1997)
6. We have five three five two fur babies
7. I have dark brown eyes
8. Hair color... hmm depends which bottle I use :p
9. I have three younger brothers & SIL
10. I am 1.76 m tall
11. I am overweight :(
12. I'm not going to diet as I love delicious food too much
13. I'm a chocaholic
14. Coffee keeps me going
15. I'm afraid of heights
16. I'm terrified of flying (but I *do* fly whenever I go on a holiday)
17. I love drawing
18. I used to draw using old fashioned pencil and paper, lately I've only been drawing with PSP
19. I love to read
20. My fav author is J.K. Rowling
21. I'm wild about Harry
22. My fav Holiday is Christmas!
23. I start drawing Christmas graphics in June/July
24. My friends say I'm nuts (but I know better!)
25. I am a nightowl
26. I hate getting up in the morning
27. I work part time at the art editorial department of a regional newspaper
28. I hate broad beans
29. My fav food is Italian
30. Greek food comes right after that
31. I am a true Hufflepuff (trustworthy and loyal)
32. I hate people who aren't honest
33. I love shopping sprees
34. My fav city is London
35. I'm an anglophile
36. I love tea and scones
37. You can wake me up for bacon and scrambled eggs
38. Waking me up in the middle of the night can be lethal... to you
39. My star sign is Aquarius
40. My fav colors are earthtones and dark blue
41. I love watching tearjerkers - in solitude
42. If it snows (rare occasion) I go for a long walk, no matter what time it is
43. A snowfilled landscape is tranquility to me
44. I broke my elbow in 3 places when I was 8 years old
45. Spent 6 weeks in traction in hospital and had surgery 3 times
46. I'm still thankful to the surgeon, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be able to use my right arm today
47. I hate maths
48. My bank account and I speak a different language
49. I speak Dutch, English and German
50. I'm half way
51. Rain makes me feel alive
52. I hate every single chore
53. In other words, I'm lazy
54. I happen to like dustbunnies
55. I only wear shoes when I absolutely have to
56. I spend most of my time at Facebook
57. I love cats
58. I'm scared of dogs
59. George Clooney is... *sighs*
60. I'm obsessed with my computer
61. I'm a pessimist
62. I'm short-tempered
63. Vanilla ice with hot chocolate sauce is devine
64. I smoke
65. My functionality is 0.00% when it's hot and humid
66. My brains lead a life of their own - If you find them, please email me!
67. My fav cold drink is a mix of Coke and Cointreau
68. My fav hot drink is Hot Chocolate with Drambuie
69. I'm allergic to most brands of make up
70. I loath drunk people
71. I love theatre, especially musicals
72. I've seen Les Mis about 45 times. It's my favorite, together with Wicked
73. I love old movies (Sound of Music, Gone With The Wind)
74. I think Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly were the best dancers ever
75. My fav perfume is White Linen from Estee Lauder
76. I love scented candles, especially vanilla and cinnamon
77. I hate hypocrytes
78. I collect Musical merchandise, Barbie Collectibles, Cherished Teddies, Books, Beatrix Potter Figurines, CDs, etc etc etc
79. I need a bigger house
80. I hate copycats
81. I met my best friends online
82. I've actually met several online friends in person :)
83. I'm addicted to online games
84. One of my recurring nightmares is falling off a cliff
85. I believe there's more than just this one life
86. Winter is my favorite time of year
87. I love classical music
88. Haydn is my fav composer
89. I sang in a choir for 25 years
90. I'm an alto
91. Music can move me to tears
92. My fav piece of clothing is a fleece sweater
93. Freshly bathed babies is the best smell there is
94. If I win the lottery I'll go on a world trip, visiting all my online friends
95. I am shy and a chatterbox - there's a contradiction for you!
96. I'm allergic to silver jewelry
97. I'd love to learn Swedish
98. I can tapdance, TG we have a tiled kitchen floor :D
99. My personality is ISFJ
100. Doing lists... so typically me :)