Friends around the World

My friends are very valuable to me. Well, I guess for everyone a good friend is an important part of their lives.
I don't know why, but the friendships I've gathered online are - in an indescribable way - different from my "real life" friendships. I believe that it's sometimes easier to talk when you're not face to face (about problems for instance, and boy we all had our share!).
I've been thinking about the reasons, and the only thing I can come up with is the fact that you don't listen to the other, but have to read what they write. When you're listening, you might miss a few words or your thoughts wonder off or you are already thinking about what you want to tell when it's your turn. But when you're reading (email or at messenger) you actually take in every word they say. Especially when you're not talking in your native language (like me, so please forgive me) you have to pay attention to what's written.
Please feel free to email me if you have an answer to the question: why are online friendships different from real life ones? Or perhaps you have a different opinion. I'd love to hear what you think about it.

In the meantime, I'll introduce you to the valuable online friendships in my life. If you are a stranger to me, you might not be interested. That's ok. But it was important to me to pay tribute to the women I come to love so much and without whom my life would be quite different.

To prevent any fighting *eg* I'll put them in alphabetical order. Here we go!

Her nickname "Golden" suits her very well. She's an "inspirator", always able to get people enthousiastic. She's persistant, where other people let go she holds on, and succeeds! A great friend.

We've laughed a lot and cried a lot. Never a dull moment when we are online together. I truly believe we were sisters in another age and time. Love ya sis!

When we met in London (together with Sara and Vic) it felt like we'd known each other for years. Always something to talk about - and Cati never stops talking ;) Warm, true and loyal, definitely a Huff!

My friend from down under. Due to the time difference we've never had a chance to talk, but email will do nicely! She's trustworthy and kind. I only wish she'd live a little bit closer to me.

Another true Huff. Oh, I wish I had just 10% of her "green thumbs". She doesn't prefer leadership, always in the background, but with an opinion that matters. As addicted to online games as I am *wink*

My very first online friend and "life jacket". Always there to give support and with a wonderful sense of humor! Her words can make me see things in perspective again.

The bossy lady (as she calls herself). A loving heart for everyone and everything she supports. A true and loyal friend. Not 100% Hufflepuff though, part of her is Slytherin as well *g*

The sorting hat did another good job here. Loving, caring, considerate, always there if you need to vent. Positive attitude (I can learn something from her!). She's sweet. Never change Vallei!

Gosh Vic is so much a Slyth and still sorted into Hufflepuff. I do understand the sorting hat though, she's loyal to her friends, but beware if you mess with the Hungarian Horntail!!

You are my friends and I'm very proud of that. Most of the time we agree, sometimes we disagree, but always with respect for each other. I wish more people would do that!

Love to all, and remember: don't let the dementors get you!



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Thank you very much, Irene!

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